Queensland Construction Boom: Why the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Shine Bright in 2024


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Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are expected to see a surge in population by the end of 2024? But what does this mean for you? 

This sun-kissed boom is paving the way for a construction industry explosion, and with it, a sea of exciting opportunities for labourers , warehouse staff, carpenters, painters and much more.


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Let’s dive deeper and explore why the Queensland construction industry is the next best thing you can choose in 2024.


High Demand, High Wages: Skilled labourers are in high demand, leading to competitive wages and excellent career prospects. Carpenters, Painters, and machine operators are just some of the roles expected to see significant growth.


Job Security: With a robust pipeline of projects, Queensland construction offers stability and long-term career opportunities.


Skill Development: The industry actively encourages upskilling and training, allowing you to continuously learn and advance your career.


White Card: Your Key to Opportunity


Possessing a Construction Industry Work Health and Safety General Induction (White Card Certification) is essential for any construction job in Australia. Obtaining this qualification demonstrates your commitment to safety and opens doors to a wider range of opportunities. Wise Solutions proudly offers White Card training courses, ensuring you’re equipped for success.

A students group preparing their white card certification in Australia


Wise Solutions: Your Partner in Building Your Future


Wise Solutions is the smart link between skilled labourers and the thriving construction industry in Queensland. We understand the needs of both businesses and workers, ensuring a perfect match for every opportunity.


With extensive experience and connections within the Queensland construction industry, Wise Solutions is your ideal partner for navigating this exciting boom. We connect skilled labourers like you with the right opportunities, helping you secure rewarding jobs and build a fulfilling career.


From recruitment and job placement to career advice and training, Wise Solutions empowers you to capitalise on the Queensland construction boom. Join us and be a part of shaping the future of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.


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