In need of a permanent staff member?

Your permanent staffing solution awaits! Unlock the power of wise workers for your business and let Wise Solutions handle recruitment and trial periods, ensuring you find the perfect fit with confidence and peace of mind.


Pathways to find Your Perfect Permanent Staff

Ready to hire a wise worker in a permanent position? Whether you want to retain or discover new talent, we're here to make it happen effortlessly. Your business, our expertise - a perfect match!

Make the wise worker a permanent asset to your team

When a wise worker is already working with you, we know the peace of mind that comes with finding a solid staff member for your team and, in some cases you’re just ready to take a partnership to the next level! Here are some advantages of permanent hire with us:


  • Find peace of mind with a solid staff member on your team
  • Take your partnership to the next level with a permanent hire
  • Benefit from a reliable and trusted wise worker.
  • Enjoy increased productivity and efficiency with a committed team member

Secure a star employee. Recruit with Wise now!

With our expertise in recruiting, we provide your business with access to an extensive pool of skilled labourers, while effectively managing the intricacies of finding the perfect match. Hiring a wise worker as a permanent employee offers several advantages, including:


  • Stress-free recruitment process
  • Professional insight about candidates profile
  • Efficient “incubation” period under Wise Solutions umbrella
  • Seamless incorporation of new staff members

Choose the Wise way to hire

Recruitment Process

Save time and money by relying on our professional insight into candidate profiles.

Incubation Period

Streamline trial periods by keeping the worker under the Wise umbrella for your business convenience

Seamless Staff Incorporation

Our assurance: Swift staff rotation to readily adapt to your business needs

Increase Productivity

Wise standards upheld through top qualifications, exceptional skills, and unwavering team commitment

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